Cindy Chiu

Cindy Chiu is a lecturer at Tohoku University School of Nursing since 2016 and specializes in global health. Prior to Japan, she worked as a field epidemiologist and public health professional in more than ten countries, mostly in developing countries. Although she has developed and conducted many trainings in her previous roles, this is her first time to teach in an academic setting. Therefore, she is keen to learn from other academic staff and explore different teaching approaches to engage students and support them to succeed.

As the first and only international faculty member she is tasked with the role of globalizing the school, including designing and delivering global health and cultural competency courses in English. In addition to the mandatory curriculum, she also involves herself in many extracurricular activities. Her goal is to help empower her students through learning, so they can conquer their individual challenges and be their personal best. Besides her full-time teaching role, she also works as a part-time consultant for the World Health Organization. She obtained her doctorate degree in molecular neuroscience and master ‘s degree in public health from the University of Melbourne and the University of Sydney, respectively.