Michiko Sakaguchi

Michiko Sakaguchi has been a senior assistant professor for the past six years at Dokkyo Medical University. Presently, she is teaching in the medical and nursing school. In the nursing department she teaches Nursing English to first-year students, Medical English to third-year students, and Academic Reading to fourth-year students. In addition, she teaches Medical English to first-year medical school students. She is also a junior member to the Overseas Training Program Committee helping students prepare for trips to the Philippines, Germany and the US.


After working in the private and public sector, she returned to her alma mater for graduate studies and traveled to the UK where she completed an MA in literature at the University of London focusing on the works of Oscar Wilde.

Her current interests lie in ‘de-traumatizing’ first-year students from previous English learning. Her goal is to remotivate them by developing their autonomous skills so they can be better prepared for their future careers and learn to enjoy English as a tool for communication. In class, she often uses medical television dramas and movie clips to try to give the students an image of the medical world and make connections to their lives as future medical professionals. 

Her teaching methods are based on her previous painstaking experience as a part-time teacher working at several universities. She believes that as instructors we should continually try to build new skills. It is in this respect that she would love to learn as much as possible through JANET where there are so many committed, inspiring, professional teachers.

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