Eric Fortin

My name is Eric Fortin, the new symposium planner for JANET. I am currently an associate professor at St. Mary’s College, a small nursing college in Kurume, Fukuoka Prefecture, where I have been teaching for 16 years. As the only non-Japanese full-time faculty member, and without a background in medical science, one project I am working on is to try to bring English into my nursing colleagues’ classrooms as well as bring my nursing colleagues into mine through collaborative exchanges. I am also interested in finding ways to raise the English-learning motivation of my nursing students with no inherent interest in the language, as well as in developing stimulating lesson activities for those students who hope to work overseas in the future. The latter group, now including 16 students across the four academic years, are now in a pilot class for “future global-oriented” nursing students that just began this academic year. For this class I hope to bring in medical staff (physicians, nurses, pharmacists, and care givers) from our hospital to come and talk about the importance of English in their respective professions and give concrete examples of how they have used their English skills.