Margaret Chang

Margaret Chang is Professor of English at Miyagi University in Sendai. She teaches students in the School of Nursing as well as in other departments. She has taught students of all ages, but most of her experience has been at the college and university level.  Prior to her career in Japan, she was an ESL instructor in the United States for international students at the Ohio State University and for Honda of America. She has also taught EFL in Taiwan. 

Her areas of professional interest include communicative competence, fluency, and cross-cultural communication. She believes that just as nursing must include not only the study of individual organs, but also the whole person, truly communicative language instruction must also consider not only the language structure or isolated learner, but the entire group of learners as a whole interactive community. Most recently, she has conducted instructional research which adapts concepts from the Purpose Driven model to EFL teaching. She is currently working on a project to develop an effective English café to bring Japanese and international students and local residents together in a mutually beneficial, real language learning environment; the café would also provide a networking resource that connects students from different departments and links the university with the community.