Naomi Sugimoto

Naomi Sugimoto (B.A., 1988, International Christian University; M.A., 1990 & Ph.D., 1994, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign) is a Professor of Communication at the Faculty of Nursing and Medical Care, Keio University, in Japan. 

Having studied and taught public speaking and interpersonal communication at Illinois, Naomi returned to Japan and taught intercultural communication at Ferris University in Yokohama, published articles in International Journal of Intercultural Relations and Communication Research Reports and served as the editor-in-chief of Multicultural Relations.

She has also edited and published a book in the U.S., Japanese Apology across Disciplines (Nova Science, 1999) and contributed a chapter to another English title, Exploring Japaneseness: On Japanese Enactments of Culture and Consciousness (Edited by R. T. Donahue, 2002; Praeger).

Naomi joined the Keio faculty in 2001, when she started pursuing her career in health communication. Since then, she has served as the President of the Japan Association of Health Communication, sat on editorial boards of academic journals including Medical Education (Japan) and Japan Journal of Health Professional Development. She has also published articles in Japanese journals and authored or translated several books on health communication. Her current research interests include: communication in and around ERs, communication training for medical professionals, and inter-professional education in the healthcare context.

In addition to JANET, she is a member of the Japan Society of Medical English Education (JASMEE) and the Japan Association of Nursing English Education (JANEE), where she has presented on consecutive interpretation class and EPEMP (Examination of Proficiency in English for Medical Purposes) prep class for nursing students, both of which she and her colleagues have developed specifically for the English curriculum at Keio.