Paul Mathieson

Paul Mathieson is an associate professor in the Department of Clinical English at Nara Medical University, where he teaches medical students and nursing students. Paul has  been living in Japan since 2006, at which time he came here intending to take a one-year break from practising law in New Zealand, before heading on to the UK to continue his legal career. However, he ended up getting hooked on teaching and Japan (not to mention a lovely local lady), and has called Osaka and Japan his second home ever since. Since he arrived on these shores, Paul has taught English to primary school learners, senior citizens, and pretty much everything in between in a variety of different contexts. 


Paul’s principal areas of interest are content and language integrated learning, vocabulary acquisition, and learner affect, and he is currently engaged in an ongoing action research project which combines the latter two of these research interests. 

When Paul isn’t in the classroom, he can be found squawking into a microphone with his bandmates (The Ballbreakers) in and around some of Osaka’s less salubrious nighttime haunts, or else heading for the hills to pitch a tent and enjoy Japan’s many and varied natural splendours.