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Hayley MacCallum
Apr 03, 2020
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There are three things I'd like to ask in this post. Mostly to see what the situation is out there for everyone, and to try and help each other out during this uncertain time. 1) What is the current situation with your universities? My university, Yokohama City, is off until 7th May at the earliest. The semester has been shortened to 13 weeks from 15, going until 5th August. There will also be no TOEFL placement test for first year students. There is also a question mark above the July test. 2) What are your universities' plans if face to face classes do not happen? The English dept (that's who I'm employed by) are looking at how to implement online learning. We primarily use textbooks in class which would not be possible online. The current idea would be to use the e-learning program they invested in, an online writing project, and communication with the students via LINE, etc. The other idea is to hold face to face classes, but separate students and have them work on the textbook with no student interaction. I also have three nursing English classes, so I'm not sure what is going to happen with those either as they're run by the nursing dept. 3) As nursing English educators in these unprecedented times, can we create a space to share resources and materials that can be done online/at home by students, and share ideas on how we can make the best of a bad situation for our students? Hope everyone is doing ok and stay safe.

Hayley MacCallum

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