Yoko Atsumi

Yoko Atsumi is an assistant professor at Seirei Christopher University (SCU) in Hamamatsu, Shizuoka. She has been teaching EFL at the university level since 2006. After getting an MA in TESOL in the United States with the practicum at a local elementary school, she taught English to children for a year in Japan. This experience made her realize that learning has to be fun, creative and interactive for learners of any age and level. Her other academic interest is biology. She used to work as a lab assistant as well as an English teacher for science students at Kanagawa University before she came to SCU. Now she belongs to the School of Nursing and, in addition to general English courses, teaches ESP courses for nursing and rehabilitation students. She is also a member of her school’s international exchange committee, which coordinates programs with several healthcare universities in Singapore, the United States and China.

Her current research interest is in ESP in nursing and rehabilitation with simulation, and in Interprofessional Education and learning environment for healthcare professionals. She runs a weekly self-study group for healthcare professionals, including staff in the community, to learn English and build IP skills.